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Almost all employers are required by federal law to purchase workers’ compensation insurance (“workers’ comp”). If you are injured on the job and lose working days because of your employer’s negligence, you may well be entitled to compensatory damages. Negligence covers many conditions that can cause injury, such as defective or malfunctioning equipment that injures you; unmarked slippery floors that cause a slip-and-fall injury; or exposure to asbestos that causes respiratory disease. You must, however, be an employee to be covered. You are not eligible for workers’ comp if you are an independent contractor. Additionally, domestic workers and agricultural workers are not covered by workers’ comp.


Being injured at your job does not automatically entitle you to workers’ comp. “If your coworker’s wife comes to your workplace, draws a gun, fires at him and hits you, you’re probably not covered because the injury had nothing to do with your job. However, if your coworker comes to the office with a gun to shoot your boss and accidentally hits you, then you’re likely covered,” workers’ comp expert Tricia Kagerer told the job listing website


It’s wise to consult an experienced labor attorney if you are injured on the job, but think you can’t get the workers’ comp payout you deserve.’s Finance Careers Expert Dona DeZube offered suggestions that will help your workers’ comp claim, with sound advice like “stay sober at work”!


Other tips:

  • Be sure to report every injury or illness to your supervisor or HR department.
  • Make sure your doctor is certified to do workers’ compensation claims and has agreed to the workers’ comp pay schedule, or visit the medical provider your employer directs you to.
  • Tell the doctor and other health care providers that you were injured on the job.
    Make sure your medical records are complete, with detailed information about the history and circumstances of your injury or illness, including a list of every body part involved.


You can find information about the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act on the North Carolina Industrial Commission’s website.


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