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The loss of a loved one, no matter what the reason and no matter whether it was after a long illness or a sudden and unexpected tragedy, is always difficult for those left behind. Emotions run high, and all the while practical issues regarding the loved one’s estate need to be addressed and resolved. Sadly, these issues and emotions can lead to disputes between family members and others about the true intentions of their loved one or the validity of the estate planning documents they prepared outlining their wishes. These disputes take both a financial and emotional toll, and often need to be resolved in a court of law.


The Manger Law Firm has extensive experience in probate litigation, representing both estates in will contests and other disputed probate matters.  We stand ready to guide you through what can be a challenging and frustrating process, and can provide compassionate, personal, and assertive representation in will contests and estate disputes. While we won’t hesitate to fight for the rights of our clients, we also know the importance of restoring some semblance of harmony to the family, and strive to preserve family relationships and estate assets as much as possible.

Manger Law Firm – High Point Probate Litigation Attorney

If you are an estate administrator, an heir, or a claimant in a dispute over a will, trust, or other probate matter, we stand ready to help. We will take the time to thoroughly understand the issues, review all documents, answer your questions, and develop a strategy designed to accomplish your goals.  For trusted probate litigation counsel in and around High Point, North Carolina, please give Manger Law Firm a call today.

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