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Argolida, Greece - May 15, 2016: traffic accident between a car and a motorcycle large displacement on country roads

Riding a motorcycle down the highway brings with it a great sense of freedom. But the unique joys of the purr of your bike and the wind in your hair also come with unique risks. Sharing the road with larger vehicles and with little more than a helmet and some protective gear to shield them in the event of a crash, bikers more than any other folks on the road are vulnerable to catastrophic brain, spinal, and other injuries.


At the Manger Law Firm in High Point, North Carolina, we represent bikers who are dealing with the pain and struggles that follow a motorcycle crash caused by the negligence of other drivers. With an appreciation of bikers and their love of their rides, we fight tirelessly for compensation from those responsible for motorcycle crash injuries so bikers can get better and get back on the road.

Motorcycles Are Particularly Vulnerable

SURATTHANI - JULY 18 : Motorcycle accident on the road and crashMotorcycles crashes can happen for any number of reasons. The smaller stature of bikes makes them more difficult for other drivers to see and motorcycles can maneuver in ways that cars and trucks can’t and may not expect. This can lead to accidents during lane changes, turns, or backups, and since bikes can come to a stop much quicker than cars, other drivers may be more prone to misjudge the amount of space and braking time needed to avoid a crash. This is in addition to the dangers all drivers face, such as drunk drivers, distracted drivers, or negligent truckers.

Bikers Are Sometimes Treated Unfairly. We Make Sure They’re Not.

These particular dangers after a motorcycle crash can be compounded by unique challenges that bikers can face when seeking compensation for their injuries. Though most bikers ride responsibly and safely, they are also vulnerable to misconceptions and prejudices about their conduct and character. While motorcycle riders come in all ages and from all walks of life, some jurors may be prone there to stereotype “bikers” as prone to recklessness and risky behavior; more Hell’s Angels and not so much their next door neighbor. These prejudices can result in an inclination to put the blame on bikers for crashes and their own injuries.


Exceptional courtroom skills and an appreciation for the character of bikers are needed to overcome these unfair preconceptions and get injury victims the compensation they deserve.

Manger Law Firm – High Point Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

The Manger Law Firm has successfully helped motorcycle crash victims obtain substantial compensation for a wide range of injuries, and worked with families who have lost a loved one in a motorcycle wreck. With respect, compassion, and personal attention, we stand by our clients every step of the way, working tirelessly to help them through some of the most challenging times of their lives. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash, please give us a call. We stand ready to assist you.

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