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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) regularly tests vehicles for safety and other features, and publishes the results of its tests available for consumers. This data, along with testing by agencies like Consumer Report, can give pre-owned auto buyers a good idea of a chosen vehicle’s future, real-world performance.

Most consumers will first check lists of the most reliable, high-performing cars. It’s also a good idea to see which previously owned vehicles to avoid. Here are the Top Ten IIHS-tested models that caIIs the “deadliest cars and trucks on the road” of 2011-2015.

  1. Nissan Sentra

The Nissan Sentra topped all other family cars in the midsize or compact segments in driver fatalities over the four years in question: 72 deaths per million registrations.

  1. Nissan Titan

People may feel safer in big trucks, but with 72 deaths per million registrations, the Titan is another Nissan that it’s safer not to choose.

  1. 2014 Dodge Challenger

Today’s Dodge Challenger went on the market in 2008, and the model has never performed particularly well in crash tests.

  1. Kia Soul

The 2014 Kia Soul has decent safety ratings, but the 2010-13 model proved to be the deadliest in the “small wagon” category, rating 82 fatalities per million registrations.

  1. Ford Fiesta sedan

Although the Ford Fiesta sedan won several Top Safety Pick designations, its front overlap crash tests told a different story: an 83 per million registrations driver fatality rate.

  1. 2014 Nissan Versa

IIHS testing revealed that the Versa’s airbag deployment was risky. ” Versa drivers died at a rate of 95 fatalities per million registrations.

  1. Chevrolet Spark

Minicars have higher risks, and the numbers for the Spark that came on the market in 2013 had 96 driver deaths per million registrations.

  1. Scion tC

The only non-mini-class car to rank among the five deadliest in America, the 2011-14 tC had a driver death rate of 101 per million registrations.

  1. Kia Rio

With the dubious distinction of being “likely the deadliest car in America,” the early Kia Rio sedans ranked first, but the 2017 cars improved considerably to (102 deaths per million registrations)—a close second among all vehicles.

  1. Hyundai Accent Sedan

IIHS tests of the 2012-14 Hyundai Accent sedans revealed a “seriously compromised” driver’s space. Since 2011, it has been the deadliest car in America, with a rate of 104 deaths per million registrations.

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