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If you thought small law firms couldn’t compete with the enormous, global firms whose partners are billing clients more than $700 per hour, think again. You can obtain the justice you deserve and be fairly compensated for your injuries when you work with a smaller firm based in your own hometown. In fact, you and your case may find more and greater advantages with a small law firm.


You need to ask yourself what you are looking for when you want to hire an experienced personal injury attorney. Do you want more personal attention and service? With a smaller firm, the attorney you have chosen to work with (and pay fees to) will be right there across the table from you throughout the entire legal process. He or she won’t farm out your case to potentially less experienced subordinates. The personal relationship you develop will help to calm your natural fears and anxiety and establish a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.


The small firm is more likely to be specialized, with a greater depth of experience and knowledge that firms that offer every kind of legal service you can think of. Especially in personal injury cases, that depth of knowledge of the practice area can make a big difference to your case. Some large firms employ the expertise of smaller firms to assist them with their cases.


Smaller law firms can be much swifter to respond and adapt to changes. They won’t subject you to the layers of administrative bureaucracy that can encumber the process and impede the response time of larger firms.


A smaller firm will accept smaller cases that the big, corporate companies won’t bother with.


You can trust that your case will get more attention from a law firm that handles on fewer cases per year.


Without the need to support a sprawling administrative staff, a smaller firm can offer you more cost-effective and reasonable fees, with flexibility in pricing and payment plans.


Richard Manger, principal of Manger Law Firm, has extensive experience in litigation and settlements, with a focus on personal injury and workers’ compensation law. We are proud of the strong relationships of loyalty and trust we develop with our clients. We go above and beyond to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. You can contact Richard Manger via email at, or by calling (336) 882-2000.

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