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When you have suffered an injury and want to file a claim with an insurance company on your own, you still should consult a personal injury attorney for advice on how to handle your claim. One piece of advice you are likely to hear is “Don’t accept a quick settlement offer from an insurance company.” What does that mean? Let’s look at the reasons an insurer might want to settle your case fast, and why you should be careful not to.


  1. Insurance companies are in the business of making money. They will offer claimants an amount of money that sounds attractive, but may be less than the ultimate costs to you of your injury. A quick payment is very tempting for many injured claimants. When you accept the first offer, however, you lose the opportunity to claim the larger amount you may need. ”When the insurance adjuster makes you a first offer, it may be so low that it is just a tactic to see if you know what you are doing,” warns When you accept a settlement payment from the insurance company, you must sign an agreement to not bring a lawsuit in the future for any damages relating to the same accident.


  1. Some injuries get worse over time. For example, a back injury can become a continuing, chronic problem. It can take time for your physicians to evaluate your physical condition and get an accurate understanding of what it may take to restore you to your former health. According to, “The insurance industry has long known the advantages to closing personal injury claims before an injured person has had time to experience a full season of pain, treatment, healing, re-injury through normal work or life activities, and renewed pain again.” In that case, “Accepting an early settlement offer or early settlement check is not in your best interests.”


Even if you are tempted, don’t settle for the first offer. You don’t want to “settle in haste and repent at leisure.”


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