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It’s important to be aware that there is an important limit in North Carolina on your ability to recover damages in a car crash where the other driver was clearly at fault: that is the amount of time you wait to file your claims. The time limit is called a “statute of limitations.” In personal injury cases, North Carolina’s statute of limitations allows a maximum of three years before bringing your lawsuit.


The purpose of the statute of limitations is to preserve the integrity of evidence and witness testimony before memory fades or evidence gets lost or forgotten. A line is drawn at a certain number of years, because beyond that point it makes no sense to prosecute for a variety of reasons.


The rationale for the statue of limitations has to do with the passage of time, over which human evidence is far less valid, and physical evidence is more likely to have been inadvertently contaminated, even if the chain of custody was never broken. Both make a conviction less likely, and a successful appeal more likely, costing taxpayers more money in either case.


Most legal experts will advise you not to delay in bringing your lawsuit, if appropriate. There’s no doubt that the sooner you consult a personal injury attorney, the faster the attorney can help you resolve your claim as a victim. Your first duty is to seek medical treatment and advice, to make as fast a recovery as possible. Don’t wait to call your attorney during your recovery time, however. You will need an attorney to help you navigate the complexities of medical expenses, loss of income and property damage.


Some say that if a person has caused harm to another person, the responsible one should always be able to be held accountable for his or her action. “However,” notes, “statutes of limitations are not designed to let people off the hook. Instead, their goal is efficiency and preserving evidence. The more time passes, the more witnesses forget, and the more likely that important documents are lost or destroyed.”


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